Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Show & Fundraiser tonight

The Waxhaw Arts Council is having a Christmas Show and fundraiser tonight to raise money to be used throughout the course of the year.

Visit the Facebook page of the event to get all the details if you're planning on attending. Per Donna Frasca:
This is open to the public. This function is part of Waxhaw’s celebration of the arts – First Friday Art Crawl and celebration of the revision and fast growing Waxhaw Arts Council with a Christmas Sale, Party & Raffle.

A percentage of any sales to the artists and the profit from the raffle will go to help the Waxhaw Arts Council raise money to have future functions free to the public in Waxhaw, including educational programs to school children & public in the Waxhaw/Marvin/Wesley Chapel area.

There will be over twenty-five painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, printers, musicians, etc. participating in this show. Also, you will get a chance to see the new “Bean & Belle” art studio first hand. Jennifer Host Williams teaches classes to children and hosts “art parties” for different functions.

You may email any questions on Facebook ---Waxhaw Arts Council or call Lambeth Marshall, 704-843-5060.
I just wonder where the Waxhaw Arts Council was when I was working on my campaign sign garden. Maybe their input could have turned an ordinary campaign sign garden into an extraordinary one.

In other Waxhaw Arts Council news, John Anderson had an article in the Charlotte Observer about the Waxhaw Arts Council, including detailing the new leadership.

The new leadership for 2012 includes:

President: Scott Bland.

Vice Pres: Carolyn Carroll.

Secretary: Lambeth Marshall, with Lori Sanderson and Linda Dyer as backups.

Treasurer: Lambeth Marshall, with Missy Rose as backup.

In addition, committees were reaffirmed and the leadership established as follows: Social Media and Design, Donna Frasca (chairman), Gina Karpathakis, Verna Witt; Event Coordinators, Carolyn Carroll (chairman), Lori Sanderson (co-chair), Ann Tanzy, Linda Dyer, Verna Witt, Lambeth Marshall; Business Advisers, Consultations with Cathy Murphy, Barbara Faulk (Union County Arts Council), Daune Gardner (Waxhaw mayor) and Melissa Brana (CPCC Marketing); Advertising: Donna Frasca.

Read the whole thing.

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Donna Frasca ♋ said...

Thanks so much for posting this. The event was such a success. We will be having another event closer to Valentines Day.