Friday, May 18, 2012

Gatsby Gala

The Museum of the Waxhaws has added another fundraising event to its social calendar -- the Gatsby Gala in Monroe.

The details:
Saturday, June 2, 2012
7:00pm until 10:00pm

1920's Themed Casino Night with Dancing and Live Music by Walter Phillips and Jan Ringeling. Heavy Hors D'oeuvres and Cash Bar with Raffle Prizes and Casino Games in An Authentic Upscale 1920's-Era Venue.

$75 per person
Access our online ticket sales via our website
or call the museum at 704.843.1832
Wear your best "Roaring 20's" party attire!
At $75/person and $150/couple, a little rich for my blood, but since as far as I know, I have no Roaring 20's attire, it might be for the best.

But for those of you with extensive wardrobes and looking for something to do...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Saturday evening bingo fundraiser at Cureton

There's a bingo fundraiser for the Perez family Saturday evening at the Cureton Clubhouse in Waxhaw. In January 2012, Robert Perez was diagnosed with an inoperable Stage 4 Glioblastoma (brain cancer) and will soon lose his health insurance.

I cannot attend due to a previously scheduled engagements, but at $10 per 3 cards, I should be looking for someone to play three cards for me. In fact, all of Waxhaw should be playing three cards given that price and the cause.

For more info or to donate, his friends have set up a web page.


I noticed on my way home from work that they're setting up for DrumStrong again. I'm not real familiar with this event, but it seems to draw a lot of people each year and they support various cancer initiatives.

I'm not sure if this falls within the jurisdiction of Waxhaw or not, but either way it's close enough.

It's not too late to register for those looking to participate. See their page for all the details.

For those that have attended in the past, what are the odds that Paper Jamz drums will be used in the 30-hour non-stop drum circle? Just wondering.

Spring Fest over

Another festival has come and gone. I didn't make it until Sunday, so our day was rain-shortened. The kids got to do most everything they came to do, my wife got to make her rounds through the artists and vendors, and I got my sno cone.

Is it just me or does it seem to rain every Sunday on Waxhaw festival weekends?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

La Strada Pizza and Pasta Groupon

There's a Groupon up right now for La Strada Pizza and Pasta in Wesley Chapel. It expires in a little under 4.5 days, although it says a limited quantity is available so I guess it could end sooner.

It's essentially a $10-for-$20 deal. See here for all the gory details.

Of note, La Strada is supporting Siler Presbyterian's July Jamaica Mission Trip. A percentage of each bill on Sundays goes directly to support the mission trip if you mention Siler Presbyterian. While the Groupon is good into November, the mission trip is in July, giving you some idea as to when you'd need to dine there in order to provide support.

It's like killing two birds with one stone: getting a meal at a discount while supporting a good cause. But perhaps killing two birds with half a stone is the more accurate analogy.

Details of the the La Strada Groupon are here if the aptness of this last metaphor is what sold you.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Open mic at the museum

Jim Black of "Land of the Waxhaws" (LotW) fame is trying to organize some open mic time for politicians, voters and businessmen over at the Museum of the Waxhaws tomorrow afternoon. Per a Facebook update:


Could this quickly morph into Waxhaw's first poetry jam? If so, it could be the most-watched LotW ever.

Larson remains with WBT

Per a Charlotte Observer article, he's signed a contract for an indeterminate amount of time. The nitty gritty:
A week after surprising his listeners with the news that WBT-AM (1110) had told him his contract would not be renewed, mid-morning host Keith Larson and the station came to terms late Wednesday on a new agreement to keep him on the air.

Neither Larson nor Rick Feinblatt, WBT’s general manager, would discuss the terms or length of the contract that keeps Larson in the station’s weekday 9 a.m. to noon spot.

Good new for him and Waxhaw. And I suppose maybe for those who want to hear more crazy tales about his neighborhood.

Town charrette nearly completed

We got a flyer in the mail a while back advertising another Waxhaw design charrette where interested townsfolk and designers go to try to help determine the direction Waxhaw is heading and to brand the town.

The full schedule is here if you're hoping to catch the two closing sessions. If you were hoping to get more of a heads up from me on the charrette, then you seriously miscalculated.

Upon receiving the flyer, my eye was inexplicably drawn to the three daily pin-up sessions. While I'm sure the town planners went in a different direction, there are few better ways to induce male involvement in a design charrette than to incorporate pin-up models.

Display some of the classic artwork of Elvgren or Vargas and just think about the community involvement! Or if you want to go big, you can bring in a painter and model to watch the artwork get created in real-time and make a festival out of it.

Sky High Sports Groupon

There's currently a Groupon deal for Sky High Sports that essentially gets you two hours of trampoline time for the price of one. Sky High Sports is the place in Pineville with wall-to-wall trampolines.

Some of the specifics:
$9 for two hours of jump time for one person Monday–Thursday (up to an $18 value).
$12 for two hours of jump time for one person Friday–Sunday (up to a $24 value).

The deal expires November 3, 2012 and lasts for another day and a half.

View the deal for all the details.

My kids have been talking about going there for ages, so I picked a couple up for them to use during the summer doldrums or sooner if circumstances require.

Waxhaw-Indian Trail Road now closed

Not really breaking news for those of you who've driven through town recently, but Waxhaw-Indian Trail Road out of Waxhaw is now closed through mid-November.

Union County Weekly has the blurb that spawned this blurb.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sitting here hungry

And I've just decided how badly Waxhaw needs a Steak n' Shake. South Blvd is far too long to drive to get to one.

Steak n' Shake would quickly get the upper hand in the Waxhaw fast food wars if such a thing exists.

I'd be remiss in not mentioning other benefits, such as the money saved by Waxhaw parents since kids eat free on weekends.And then there's the milkshakes...

Victims of Communism Day

I'll get back to Waxhaw in my next post, but Ilya Somin over at the law blog Volokh Conspiracy has been recognizing May Day as Victims of Communism Day, a way to commemorate the 80-100 million victims of communism. And given the astronomical figures of those killed, it seems something worth remembering.

I've barely cracked open my copy of the Black Book of Communism, but it's the go-to book to learning about the tragic multi-millions who've died in pursuit of the communist dream.