Thursday, May 3, 2012

Town charrette nearly completed

We got a flyer in the mail a while back advertising another Waxhaw design charrette where interested townsfolk and designers go to try to help determine the direction Waxhaw is heading and to brand the town.

The full schedule is here if you're hoping to catch the two closing sessions. If you were hoping to get more of a heads up from me on the charrette, then you seriously miscalculated.

Upon receiving the flyer, my eye was inexplicably drawn to the three daily pin-up sessions. While I'm sure the town planners went in a different direction, there are few better ways to induce male involvement in a design charrette than to incorporate pin-up models.

Display some of the classic artwork of Elvgren or Vargas and just think about the community involvement! Or if you want to go big, you can bring in a painter and model to watch the artwork get created in real-time and make a festival out of it.

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