Tuesday, May 15, 2012

La Strada Pizza and Pasta Groupon

There's a Groupon up right now for La Strada Pizza and Pasta in Wesley Chapel. It expires in a little under 4.5 days, although it says a limited quantity is available so I guess it could end sooner.

It's essentially a $10-for-$20 deal. See here for all the gory details.

Of note, La Strada is supporting Siler Presbyterian's July Jamaica Mission Trip. A percentage of each bill on Sundays goes directly to support the mission trip if you mention Siler Presbyterian. While the Groupon is good into November, the mission trip is in July, giving you some idea as to when you'd need to dine there in order to provide support.

It's like killing two birds with one stone: getting a meal at a discount while supporting a good cause. But perhaps killing two birds with half a stone is the more accurate analogy.

Details of the the La Strada Groupon are here if the aptness of this last metaphor is what sold you.

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Shawn Irwin said...

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