Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Help support Kate Zidanic

Fox's Pizza is having another "Help Support Kate Zidanic" fundraiser this evening from 4 - 8pm, the proceeds of which go to helping cover Kate's medical bills as she fights lymphoma. See my previous post for more details.

If you mention Kate Zidanic's name when ordering, 15% of the proceeds go to covering her medical bills.

It was apparently a busy night the the last time Fox's Pizza sponsored one of these fundraisers, so it may take a bit longer to get your order than normal. From was kind enough to host one of her fundraisers. From an email Rick Giarla sent out:
Last month, Fox's Pizza held a "Kate Zidanic Night" with so many of our parents supporting Kate with purchases of pizza and other items on the menu. Rick Hodge, owner of Fox's told me that it was "his busiest non-weekend night in the history of Fox's Pizza".
So for those of you who have a board of commissioners or Cub Scout meeting to attend, make sure you get your order placed with plenty of time to spare.

Here's a coupon that can be used tonight only to get a 1-topping medium for $8. Three of those dollars go directly to Kate's medical bills fund.

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HELLO! Is anybody there???