Thursday, October 7, 2010

Museum swings into action

Per the mayor's Facebook update, which is a pretty useful place to get tidbits on happenings in Waxhaw. So much so that the mayor (unwittingly or wittingly) is one of my most useful sources.

Her update, which is apparently courtesy of Polly Stroud's update:
From Polly Stroud's status... "Everyone on the Board of Directors of the Museum of the Waxhaws voted to let Waxhaw Karate use our temporary exhibit room 2 nights a week for free for their students to have a place to meet and practice until new exhibit in January... Friends helping Friends.. That is the spirit of Waxhaw.. Very proud!!"
No word on if Waxhaw Universal Karate has taken them up on this generous offer. Hopefully, it will help Tony remain in business during reconstruction.

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