Thursday, November 3, 2011

Campaign nastiness?

Throughout the election season thus far, it seems like the politicians in Waxhaw haven't really been involved in any negative campaigning. From what I've been able to see or hear, the candidates seem to be treating each other cordially enough.

You can't necessarily say the same thing about the candidates' supporters.

Thus far, I have seen a limited number of Daune Gardner supporters who've been acting petty towards mayoral candidate Lisa Thornton. Other candidates' supporters make similar claims. For example, a Facebook friend of mine wrote a piece supporting Daune Gardner and Sean Poccia in which she included the following statement:
There has been a great deal of negativity in this election. Despite all of the attacks, misstatements, and even flat-out lies being spread about Mayor Daune Gardner, she has continued to keep this election about the issues, and has refused to sink to the level of one of her opponents and make attacks against them.
Like I mentioned above, the only campaign negativity I've seen up to this point has been directed towards Lisa Thornton. It wouldn't surprise if other candidates' surrogates have taken the same tact, but I have yet to witness it.

I emailed this person a couple days ago to not only get clarification, such as examples of the "attacks, misstatements, and even flat-out lies," but also to get verification that the negative attacks are occurring since I haven't been privy to them. I have yet to hear back.

I suppose there's no way to say whether this is essentially a proxy war between candidates using surrogates or just a few feeling so strongly about their candidate that they need to denigrate opponents. It surely wouldn't be the first time in politics, and likely not even in Waxhaw politics, that this occurred.

What's your take on the negativity of this campaign? Is it coming from all sides? Both in the mayoral and commissioner races?

Feel free to comment or email me with examples, but given the emotion involved in a topic like this, let's try to keep it relatively cordial. I'm not interested in naming names.


randdmom said...

Hummmm, I'd have to agree with you on this one (I usually agree with you!) It is likely a convenient way to plant a negative seed about Lisa Thornton to say she is smearing Duane's name with negativity, when in fact, she has not. At least she has not, to my knowledge. And she and I have talked specifically about her campaign on more than one occasion so she would have had ample opportunity to do so.
I received a letter at the start of Lisa's campaign that was very much a personal attack on her. It was not signed, nor did it provide a return address. Again, convenient! Certainly couldn't follow up with the sender to verify facts if the sender was too cowardly to take ownership as the author!
I suggest you keep sending the email, or post it directly on her wall for others to see how she skirts the request to back up her claims.
Thanks for keepin' it real in Waxhaw! LOL

klf said...

That's very interesting re: the letter about Lisa. And a little surprising too.

If it was back when she announced, I don't believe Gary Underwood had decided to run back then so it likely originated from an overzealous enemy (dare I suggest frenemy? ;-) Lisa made at one point or a passionate supporter of Daune Gardner.

Do you hold onto the letter? I'd be interested in seeing it. I'd also be interested to know if others got a copy since it seems like a lot of trouble to go to and then only send the letter to a single person.

randdmom said...

I did not keep the letter. The mailing was in close proximity to me "friending" her campaign page on Facebook. Maybe that is why I was singled out...