Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Results are in

The results of Waxhaw's latest election are in.

Incumbent Daune Gardner has won the mayoral race with a 122-vote margin, collecting 43.50% of the votes. Here's the details:

It would've been interesting to see the results of the election without Gary Underwood playing the role of spoiler like Ross Perot in 1992, although I have no idea if the result would be any different.

On the commissioner side, newcomers Mike Stewart and Sean Poccia both won election. Mike Stewart blew the rest of the candidates away with a 137-vote margin, collecting 30.32% of the votes.

Sean Poccia squeaked in with 23.24% of the votes. He had a mere 4 votes on Martin Lane and a mere 7 votes on Phillip Gregory.

Are there any takeaways from this? Did Mike Stewart earn a mandate with that vote total? Is it possible for the losing commissioner candidates to request a recount given the slim margin they lost by?

I suspect there are a handful of Martin Lane and Phillip Gregory supporters out there kicking themselves for not finding a way to get to the polls today.

One final thought compliments of the Union County Weekly. Per a Facebook post:
Overall, just ten percent of registered voters cast ballots in today's election. Out of 84,030 voters, just 8,540 came out today.
Pretty lame turnout.


randdmom said...

Thanks for posting the results. In regards to Underwood splitting the votes, I did speak to one man during Autumn Treasures that made it clear he was not EVER voting for Gardner. He was backing Underwood. Given only one candidate against Gardner, I do believe many would have chosen Thornton. Really sad to see such a small turnout...

BrightFuture said...

What I find most interesting - the number of voters who voted for the commissioner spots vs. the number of voters who voted for the mayoral spot. When my husband and I looked at the results last night, the commissioners' race had almost 800 more votes cast than the mayoral race did. I think that says something that there were many residents who were not satisfied with the candidates running for mayor.

Just an observation we made.