Sunday, April 29, 2012

Waxhaw 5K results

The Seventh Annual Waxhaw Town & Country Run took place this weekend. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend and get any pictures because of a scheduled baseball game where I was needed to yell repeatedly to my kids to pay attention.

My wife ran again and finished with an excellent time, coming in 8th in her age group so kudos to her and everyone else who ran.

Times have been posted online for those interested but here's the top runners:
                          FEMALE OVERALL  1 - 98

Place Name                     Ag G Bib   City         St Guntime 
===== ======================== == = ===== ============ ========== 
    1 Jinnie Austin            24 F    26 Matthews     NC   21:28 
    2 Jennifer Womble          33 F  1099 Waxhaw       NC   24:15 
    3 Emily Roth               13 F  1041 Waxhaw       NC   26:10 

                           MALE OVERALL  1 - 98

Place Name                     Ag G Bib   City         St Guntime 
===== ======================== == = ===== ============ ========== 
    1 Aaron Linz               39 M    67 Charlotte    NC   17:05 
    2 Cory Tretsky             21 M    24 Rock Hill    NC   17:25 
    3 Dennis Long              45 M   981 Waxhaw       NC   18:48 
Nearly a year ago, I announced a goal of running a 5K before year's end. The year's now nearly up and while I have taken up running and run a number of unofficial 5K races around the neighborhood, odds of entering an official 5K before June 10th look slim.

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luckymom2boys said...

Congrats to your wife on a great finish! Maybe next year you can join her! This is one of my favorite events because it was the first 5k race I ever ran.