Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A few miscellaneous tidbits

I had family visiting from out of town this last weekend, giving me another reason not to post anything for the last few days (like I needed any).

But John has a new issue of the Waxhaw Gazette out where he tackles blogs vs. newspapers. My only minor quarrel would be that blogs typically are not indiscriminate in nature from my experience. Most blogs I stumble across seem to have a specific topic it concentrates on, much more so than a newspaper that reports a much broader cross-section of information.

When I post, I think I do a fairly good job posting about Waxhaw or Waxhaw-related info, but I guess you all can be the judge of that.

* The Waxhaw Exchange failed to arrive on Sunday once again. Do other neighborhoods receive this weekly as sporadically as mine?

* In other news, I signed the kids up to play baseball this spring at the WAA. While I love that they play baseball, it's a pretty significant dent in the checkbook when baseball season rolls around (twice a year).

* We got takeout from Maxwell's Tavern the day of the Super Bowl. Since Marino's went out of business, we figured it was high time to take the Maxwell's philly cheese steak for a whirl (since Maxwell's received more votes than Just Wing It from the pre-game electorate). It was very good, but not quite as good as Marino's in my opinion. Definitely a worthwhile local option if you're looking for a cheese steak.

It's worth noting they messed up our order as the lettuce and mayo never made it onto our sandwiches, so lucky for them I have mayo in the fridge and consider lettuce to be entirely optional. It still would've been nice to get it right though.

* I placed an online order for a crankshaft position sensor for my Saturn L300 in the hopes that it resolves some annoying starting issues that essentially limits my vehicle to being used on my daily commute.

I'm not really the expert car mechanic I've made myself out to be on this site, so hopefully everything goes well later this week when the part comes in. And even more ideally, hopefully it fixes the problem at a fraction of the cost of getting the issue resolved in a garage.

Knock on wood.

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