Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Historic District

Brian Carlton and the Union County Weekly has the story of the latest regarding the proposed historic district in Waxhaw.
Waxhaw residents and commissioners will be talking about a greatly reduced Historic District during the March 19 public hearing.

During their Monday, Feb. 21, meeting, the Waxhaw Planning Board approved by a 4-2 vote plans for a historic district in the town. They cut the size of the proposed district however, narrowing it to just Main Street and the area immediately surrounding it.

The proposed district would now have borders starting at the intersection of Broad and Main streets on the left and ending just before the intersection of Main and McKibben streets. On the north side, it would begin at the intersection of Providence and Howie Mine streets, while on the south, it would end at the intersection of Broome and Caldwell streets.

The move, which would eliminate over two-thirds of the original proposed district, isn’t enough for opponents, who say it misses the point.
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The illustration below shows the extent to which the proposed historic district has shrunk.

Waxhaw's latets proposed historic district

While that would seem like a good development since less people would be affected by the strict guidelines instituted by the proposed plan, the fact that the plan is still in play is still unfortunate. My post last July details some of the effects the new plan would have on the affected owners and whether it affects 100 or 20 property owners, it's still too many.

If you'd like to voice an opinion on the historic district proposal, a public hearing is planned for March 19th at the Waxhaw Elementary gymnasium. Afterwards, it will then be brought before the town commissioners, so now would be the time to say your piece.

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