Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's First Friday

As you may have heard, it's First Friday time again and love is in the air.

All the details can be found here (PDF), but in short: Maxwell's Tavern, Rippington's, and Mama Lena's are offering special Valentine's dinners. And thanks to Summerfield, each romantic dinner includes a free carriage ride.

Southsiders and the Main Street Grill both are also participating -- the former with some Crème brûlée and the latter providing free hot chocolate and coffee.

See the flyer for more details.

No word on if Main Street Grill is actually going to be serving dinner (which would be the big news in my opinion) or if they're just handing out free drinks. With family coming into town this weekend, I'm hoping to have a special dinner with one of their cheeseburgers.


Karen said...
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Karen said...

Enjoyed a great meal at Mama Lena's and delicious dessert at SouthSiders; however, we only saw the carriage go by Mama Lena's one time while we were eating dinner. After we had our dessert across the street, we could not find the horse and carriage. Other than that, it was another great First Friday!