Monday, February 14, 2011

New Hayes Carll album

While the rest of you in Waxhaw are hopelessly waiting for Hayes Carll's new album KMAG YOYO to be released tomorrow, I received mine late last week. One of the benefits of purchasing the bundle package from, I suppose.

My bundle came with the limited edition clear vinyl LP, CD, 7" vinyl of "Grateful for Christmas," KMAG YOYO patch, KMAG YOYO sticker, KMAG YOYO tee shirt, and signed lithograph -- a veritable treasure trove of KMAG YOYO paraphernalia.

As for the music itself, after a couple listens thus far, my early grade is that it's nearly as good as his last album, Trouble in Mind.

To throw the lowly rest of you a bone, here's Hayes performing 8 songs from the new album for an NPR affiliate. I haven't listened to the entire thing, but there was about six minutes of silence to begin.

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