Monday, November 29, 2010

Big Dog to become Stack's Kitchen

I'm probably late to the game on this one as I noticed it days ago. But by my decree, the Big Dog Cafe will henceforth be known as Stack's Kitchen.

Well, not by my decree, per se, but per the sign overtop the restaurant as it undergoes renovations. The subtitle on the sign is: "Good food ... and lots of it" or something to that effect.

Anyone know if ownership has changed or if the Big Dog is just overhauling?


Karen said...

Ate there this afternoon. Nice menu and breakfast is served all day! Open 7 days a week until 3 PM. Brought hubby home a reuben sans sauerkraut and he said it was great!

Karen said...

Also, I noticed during my visit that it appeared the waitstaff and perhaps owners were visited by several people who knew them. I didn't recognize any of them and don't know if they are locals, but they seem to have quite a following already. I do like to see the new restaurants in Waxhaw.

klf said...

Thanks for the info, Karen! We haven't eaten at Stack's yet, but I imagine we will sooner or later.

Greg said...

New Owners of Stacks (Old Big Dog) and they are locals who live in Waxhaw.