Friday, November 26, 2010

Waxhaw's light-up night

My oldest began recovering just soon enough so we could walk over to the Holiday Festival of Lights (ie. Waxhaw's light-up night) this evening. A decent crowd was present that seemed larger than last year's crowd, although I wasn't around last year since dinner beckoned. Mayor Gardner couldn't attend this year for reasons unknown. Parishioners from Waxhaw Baptist sang carols, but unfortunately it couldn't really be heard by those of us near Church Street, but we got to hear them (or other groups of carolers) as they walked through town singing carols.

Like last year, the kids scored a lollipop and some glow sticks while we waited, but their impatience was only slightly abated. We therefore decided to participate in the treasure hunt of twelve local businesses while we waited for the lights to be lit. Stopping in places such as the Bike Depot, Waxhaw Art & Chocolate, and Fuzion Hair Design to spy one of the gifts of the Twelve Days of Christmas kept the boys engaged.

Only after coming out of Southsiders did we discover that we missed the official light-up, but we were on an important mission at that point. At the end, they traded in their card for a Matchbox car as their treasure after completing their taskbefore we headed home. The rain held off just enough although we walked home in a drizzle.

All in all, a fun hour and a half. It would've been much longer had we joined the line for the free carriage rides, but perhaps another day.

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