Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Visited Maxwell's Tavern for the first time

Because the Main Street Grill was closed last Thursday, I headed home, grabbed the family, and we headed out to Maxwell's Tavern for the first time.

My first impression (and it's the same impression I'd gotten when peaking in as I drove by) is that it was pretty busy. Most tables were occupied, so they were doing brisk business as it appears they have been since opening.

We were seated in the one available booth, a smaller one at the end. I ordered the cheeseburger I wasn't able to get at the Main Street Grill. The server appeared to have her head in the clouds a little as we received only two sets of silverware/napkins for four people. And it also took a little while to get our straws. But she was exceedingly nice and kept my sweet tea I chalk this up to start-up hiccups and suspect this will improve accordingly over time.

The food arrived and the kids appeared to enjoy the chicken tenders. The french fries and ranch were pretty good. My wife liked her Black and Bleu burger and my cheeseburger was pretty good, though I think I prefer the Main Street Grill's. I will say the burgers were quite substantial though. Finishing the meal was a challenge.

All in all, a nice visit, so I'm sure we'll be back at some point.

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