Sunday, September 19, 2010

A design what?

A design charrette.

The town is promoting a design charrette to help create a brand for the town of Waxhaw. Sherri Phengchard of the Waxhaw Exchange has the unlinkable story, which can be found in this issue of the Waxhaw Exchange.
Waxhaw, in collaboration with the Small Town Main Street Program, will host a design charrette Sept. 23-25 for the purpose of creating a market brand for Waxhaw and its associated organizations, specifically historic downtown Waxhaw.

During the design charrette, a variety of local and regional designers will volunteer their assistance after hearing residents' ideas on how they want Waxhaw represented.

"It will be something that makes people recognize Waxhaw, so we can market Waxhaw, and hopefully attract people into the downtown to shop, and come to the festivals and activities," Katie Ross, Waxhaw town planner, said.

The end product will be a graphic symbol or logo that will serve to represent, identify and brand as an overall image of the downtown.
So if you want to help create the town's new logo, visit the American Legion next weekend. Per Katie Ross' email, the hours are:
There will be opportunities for the public to participate at the following times:

Thursday, September 23 6-8 pm
Friday, September 24 6-7:30 pm
Saturday, September 25 3-4 pm (final presentation)
More details (at the town's website) here (PDF).

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