Friday, September 10, 2010

Maxwell's Tavern menu

I've been really busy this week as school, baseball, and Cub Scouts have reached full speed.

To make up for it a pretty slow week, here's a current copy of the evolving menu at Maxwell's Tavern that John Balatsias was kind enough to send me a week or so ago. (Like I said, I've been busy.)

Page 1

Maxwell's Tavern Early Revision menu Page 1

Page 2

Maxwell's Tavern Early Revision menu Page 2

John told me that the menu has changed a few times since it was originally posted on the window, so it may have changed by now.


randdmom said...

Do you know when they plan to open?

klf said...


I thought I'd included that info in an earlier post, but I couldn't find it.

Either way, according to John, they're pushing hard for a September opening.

I took that to mean late September at the earliest.

Anonymous said...

Are they hiring?

klf said...

Sorry Mshelbygt91 for taking so long to get back to you.

They were supposedly taking applications back in early September; I'm not sure if they still are or not.

John said...

The food is good, pricing is good. Debbie the bartender is obnoxious, loud and rude to the servers. I felt sorry for the poor girl working with her behind the bar doing all the work.

PookieBear said...

Omg.. the food was AWESOME! My boyfriend literally INHALED his ribeye steak! The maple cured salmon is pure YUM! Our server was very nice and super fast, never had to ask for a thing.. she timed it perfectly. Will DEFINITELY go back! 'Bout time this sleepy town got a GOOD restaurant open! Thanks Maxwell's!