Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July parade

The wife and I attended the 4th of July parade in Waxhaw. It'd been quite a few years since we'd been able to attend the Independence Day parade as we've frequently traveled over the fourth.

Along with the neighbors, we grabbed a shady spot on West North Main Street. It helps if you park the cars there the night before.

* There seemed to be a healthy turnout. Since I've missed the last few years, my opinion is based more off of Christmas parade turnouts versus the Independence Day parades though.

* Our neighbors brought their young-ins up from Monroe for the second straight year. Although they couldn't give a specific reason, they thought last year's parade was better for what it's worth.

* This parade was much shorter than the Christmas parades. It makes sense that less bands participate since it's summer and harder to get all of the kids together.

* Where were all the beauty queens? The Christmas parade consists of no fewer than five beauty queens of varying ages, but I didn't see one this parade. There were a couple little girls riding on top of a car complete with tiaras, but I didn't notice their title.

Beauty queens?

Can someone tell me what happens to all the beauty queens in summertime? Are they traveling the beauty pageant tour or something?

* You know you have a pretty good parade when neighboring towns have their own float in your parade.

Weddington float in Waxhaw parade

* I've got a boatload of photos; every year I think it'd be nice to share them on Flickr, but I never have done it. I usually get stymied by the fact that I need to resize them before I can upload them. Maybe this time.

* The Henn Automotive float, which appeared to either be bullying parade goers via water gun or helping keep them cool on a hot Waxhaw day, was going to town on the the crowd. However, there was a well-prepared contingent of parade goers stocked with water guns that let loose on the Henn Automotive float. They unleashed a barrage of water on the float riders. It looked like great fun, s0 I made a mental note to bring lots of water guns next year, which someone will probably need to remind me about next year.

* Handing out popsicles rather than candy was a nice touch to all those who did it.

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timbrews said...

I think the Indian Trail battled us for parade participants this year. Generally they have their parade later in the day (so folks who want the most exposure can do both Waxhaw & IT), but I think it was the same day & time this year.