Monday, July 11, 2011

Elisabeth's back

...and she's got a reputation.

Elisabeth Arriero is back on the Waxhaw beat -- at least for one article. She provides a follow-up on the Scott Farb dismissal.

Worth snippeting:
Although the board did not disclose the reason for the firing, an email sent from board member Ron Cook to Farb suggests it was over Farb's decision to complain to the state about the museum's operations.

"Your manner of dealing with your frustrations was not productive and, in fact, was counterproductive," said Cook in an email dated June 3. "Because you apparently prefer to attempt to use intimidation and threats to express your concerns rather than open and deliberative discussion, it was felt that your presence was no longer needed and that you should be dismissed."


The board also wants to increase the number and quality of exhibits that will attract community members as well as appeal more to the private sector for donations, she said.

But there still appears to be a large gap between revenue and expenses. According to the museum's 2009-10 tax exempt form for their 501(c)3 designation, the museum's revenue totaled $65,671 while their expenditures totaled $111,034.

The majority of the museum's expenses - or $82,042 - went to occupancy, rent, utilities and maintenance. The next largest amount of $15,600 went to bank service charges, office equipment, advertising and other items.


But Farb said the museum's lack of long-term planning is why the museum is chronically short on funds.

"My complaint has always been that the state gave you a lot of taxpayer money, and I don't think you've been good stewards of that money," said Farb.

Every year, the county and the town of Waxhaw gives money to the museum. During fiscal year 2010-11, the county gave $4,500 and the town gave $10,000.
From my conversation with Scott a couple weeks ago, he mentioned that the Andrew Jackson Historical Foundation board was responsible for the fundraising at the Museum of the Waxhaws. Based on the numbers provided by Elisabeth, the revenues totaled only roughly $65000. Does this number include the nearly $15000 donated by the town and county?

If so, even with all that taxpayer money, the eighteen members of the board were well short of the approximately $82000 to cover just occupancy, rent, utilities and maintenance, let alone the total expenditures of approximately $111000.

On another note, the radio silence mentioned by Gay Diller didn't last long as both her and Sandra Glenn appear to have spoken with Elisabeth for this story.

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