Wednesday, July 6, 2011

UPDATE: Cane Creek Park area on lockdown

Per the mayor's Facebook update, Cane Creek Park has been evacuated and appears to be on lockdown as police search for an apparently armed suspect in an assault.

WCNC has the early story.

Be careful if you're in that area. And if you're planning on going to Cane Creek Park today, it might be a good idea until the area has been cleared by law enforcement.

UPDATE 11.44am: WBTV has a few more details:
According to the Union County Sheriff's Office, two men got into an argument Wednesday morning near Cane Creek Park which is located in the southern part of the county.

One of the men ran into the woods armed with a gun and authorities are fearful the man is suicidal.
UPDATE 12:25pm: The mayor is a machine when it comes to Facebook updates; per her latest, the suspect has been caught.

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