Sunday, July 10, 2011

A little more on Scott Farb and the museum

A few things worth mentioning:

* The Enquirer-Journal's article that ran (but that was strangely excluded from the E-J's website) was also fittingly on the front page of the Waxhaw Exchange a couple Sunday's ago. I OCR'd the entire article, but I'm reluctant to share it lest Alan Jenkins yell "Off with his head!" in my general direction.

That all being said, there was not a lot in this unlinkable article that couldn't be found in Brian Carlton's article in the Union County Weekly. A couple items of note from Gay Diller indicates the Andrew Jackson Historical Foundation (AJHF) is maintaining radio silence since Scott's termination -- except for Gay in this instance I guess.
Board members have been advised not to comment about the incident involving Farb, Gay Diller, a member of the museum's board of directors, said.

Since Farb's departure, a new museum director has not be been chosen.

Board members have been taking turns keeping the museum open, she said.

Attempts to contact Sandra Glenn, president of the board of directors, were unsuccessful.
* I put out an email to Sandra Glenn (President), Tommie Wall (VP), and Ron Cook (position TBD) with a few questions, but was directed to Chris Duggan, who is the attorney for the AJHF. He got back to me after a couple days.

* It is my understanding that there are 18 members currently on the board of the Andrew Jackson Historical Foundation and that it's had as many as 26 board members. I was wondering how many board members were required to terminate Scott's employment. Chris Duggan responded with "Majority of the quorum present at the meeting." Since he did not share how many members are necessary to have a quorum per the AJHF charter, this isn't particularly informative. Unless I missed something, which is a possibility, since I have no experience with boards, quorums, etc.

* One of my questions to Chris Duggan is exactly who comprises the board of the AJHF. From what I can gather, here's a partial list of AJHF board members:

Sandra Glenn (President)
Tommie Wall (VP)
Ron Cook
Gay Diller
Joe Hudson

At 18 members, the board is rather large, so there's lots of people missing from this list. If you've got anyone to add to this list, drop me a note.

When I asked Chris Duggan for a complete list of board members, he told me he'd look into it. Since I've yet to hear back, I suspect there isn't one available for public consumption.

* I spoke with Scott Farb briefly a few weeks back and he stressed a couple things:
  1. 1) He wasn't accusing anyone on the board or the board in general of being involved in any intentional wrongdoing
  2. 2) As museum director, he had no say in how the money raised by the AJHF for the Museum of the Waxhaws was used.
* The board is moving forward with fundraisers with an upcoming August corn hole tournament

corn hole tourney fundraiser

and a evening concert and dinner.

jackson jam fundraiser

* It'd be nice if there was some way the AJHF board could reconsider their decision so the museum can move forward in a positive manner, but I doubt that's a realistic possibility at this point.

I will say they will be hard-pressed to find someone as enthusiastic to fill Scott's shoes and the many unpaid hours he put towards the museum. During our conversation, Scott suggested he was only getting paid for about 17 out of 40 hours on a weekly basis and it had been recently requested by the board that he spend additional time helping them with fundraising.

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timbrews said...

Sorry to say, but unless the AJHF board is willing to share their balance sheets with the public (since they receive public funds, shouldn't they have to?) I'll have a hard time contributing to what I feel is an excellent resource for local history & education.

In the 5yrs we've been here we've seen the Museum of the Waxhaws steadily decline from the hay-days of the Kudzu Festival & Civil War re-enactments to the occasional use for fundraisers or rare field trips. Very sad...