Friday, August 27, 2010

Gas prices

It amazes me of the discrepancy in gas prices between Waxhaw and South Carolina. I got gas in South Carolina yesterday on my way home from work and paid $2.39/gallon.

Coming home from baseball practice last night, the gas station positioned where Old Providence Road dumps onto Hwy 75 (sorry, but the name eludes me) was selling gas for $2.68/gallon.

That's nearly a $.30/gallon difference! Bear in mind I stopped at a more out of the way gas station than those along 521, whose prices were approximately $.20/gallon cheaper than Waxhaw.

But even $.20/gallon is a pretty big deal when you add in all the desirable places to shop now along 521 in South Carolina (Southern Spirits, Harris Teeter, Aldi, Walmart), I think fewer and fewer people will be apt to fill up their tank in Waxhaw.

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