Friday, August 27, 2010

Storefront Theatre is starting up

The last we heard from The Storefront Theatre, I was surprised to discover "The Controversial Rescue of Fatty the Pig" was not kid-friendly. With a name like that, who would've thunk it?

John Anderson, who writes an occasional Waxhaw column for the Charlotte Observer, has an article on The Storefront Theatre's new season, which begins September 18th.

The scheduled performances for this season include "Cerulean Blues," "Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol," "Stories My Grandmother Told Me," and "Maw Maw's House of Talent."

For more details on these performances, read John's full article and visit The Storefront Theatre's website.

I've got an email out to Judy Simpson Cook as to the kid-friendliness of these performances. Once I hear back, I'll update you.

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