Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Waxhaw Gazette

Another issue of The Waxhaw Gazette has been released like clockwork.

The highlights:

* An article on the new Walmart on 521 with specific reference to Walmart's failed bid to construct a Walmart outside historic downtown Waxhaw. My boys and I stopped by on Friday after a birthday dinner to pick up some plastic dart tips. I was loving it ,but I imagine I'm one of the few wishing Waxhaw got its Walmart. While the 521 Walmart is particularly convenient for commuters taking 521 into Charlotte, it's still approximately the same distance from the other area Walmarts in Indian Trail, Arboretum, Monroe, and so forth. So it's probably

The benefit of this particular Walmart (for commuters like me at least) is that while you still have to travel 10-15 miles to get there, at least you're not traveling out of your way.

* He provides all the links for those interested in the BBQ cook-off during the weekend of Oct 8-9 during the Autumn Treasures festival. My family showed up later in the afternoon to the BBQ cookoff to benefit the late Waxhaw police Officer Richard Belk, so we'll try to arrive earlier at this one as I've grown quite fond of smoked Boston butt since I moved down here.

Read the whole thing.

Still no word from John on the plans for the recently proposed historic district; I for one would like to hear his thoughts on the machinations that are underway. Maybe in the next issue.

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Karen said...

The 521 Wal-Mart may be the same distance from us, but you can stop by and get the cheap gas on the way to or from. ;-)