Thursday, December 16, 2010

Belated November Crime Report

Very belated this time around, but I've been busy with work and stuff if you couldn't tell from the limited number of posts recently.

Christmas preparations are making a modest dent in my free time as well. Gifts don't wrap themselves (but if they did, they'd probably do it better and quicker than me). Taking and choosing a good family photo to send out in the cards this year was no walk in the park either.

And I remembered late in the game that I still needed to write the Christmas letter detailing the events of the year for friends and family; it's still a work in progress. It usually begins with this simple question to my wife: "What did we do this year?"

Without further ado, here's the crime report for our fair town. As usual, more detail is available at the CrimeReports site for those information junkies out there.

Waxhaw CrimeReports November 2010

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