Sunday, December 19, 2010

Broome Street Blues visit to Stack's Kitchen

We headed over to Stack's Kitchen about 9.30am on Saturday. We hadn't visited since it opened up. The place was full and pretty much stayed that way during our meal. We waited about 20 minutes for a table to open up while I perused a complimentary copy of the Union County Weekly.

While waiting, I tried to see what kind of interior decoration changes were made. A lot of the design looked newer, but all my trained eye could really detect was far fewer dog decorations. Take that for what it's worth.

We eventually got seated and I noticed two things: 1) there are a lot more breakfast choices than what Big Dog's offered and 2) the prices seem higher than Big Dog's. I could be mistaken though because I always felt Big Dog's was a little steep as well for what you got.

The kids got chocolate chip pancakes which were a hit and my wife got Eggs Benedict, which apparently wasn't on Big Dog's menu and described to me as "very good." I got the Big Daddy Skillet; an alternate name could have been "Eggs, hash browns, cheese, bacon, ham, and sausage," but I guess Big Daddy Skillet has got a little more zing to it. It was good and could've been a significant breakfast at half the size. In fact, a half size offering at half the price (the world needs dreamers, right?) would be ideal for those looking to save a few bucks.

Also of note, my wife mentioned more than once the quality of the staff and how it compared favorably to that of Big Dog's. Stack's provided a good meal for a little more than I was hoping to spend. I'm sure we'll be back, but it won't keep me from Di Dee's in Indian Land (especially with the Di Dee's coupons we have, which I hope to discuss in an upcoming post).


tbrook said...

We went to Stacks this past weekend...I was excited as I loved Big Dogs for breakfast. We tried Di-Dees,while Big Dogs was closed, and I was very disappointed by Di-Dees. I will say the same thing about Stacks...It was very busy and the staff was super friendly which was a nice change, but the food was nothing short of gross and expensive for the quality. Perhaps it is just the newness being worked out, but it will be awhile before I go back. Any word on the Main Street Grill having breakfast?

klf said...

Thanks for the comment, tbrook. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I re-discovered your comment when archiving my email.

As for Di Dees, my family seemed very happy with Di Dees the last couple times we've been there, although I will admit their menu is much smaller than what's available at Stack's or the old Big Dog.

I really took a shine to the country breakfast, which blew Big Dog's out of the water. I didn't notice one on Stack's menu.

I imagine by now you've heard that the Main Street Grill is open once again for breakfast, although I believe they're closed on Sundays.