Thursday, December 23, 2010

Skateboard park closed

Per a post on the town's Facebook page:
The Skateboard park located behind David G. Barnes Park will remain closed due to maintenance issues from vandalism and property damage until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience to those not responsible for the damage.
And Mayor Pro Tem Martin Lane was kind enough to provide some descriptions of the reasons behind this decision in a couple Facebook comments:
FYI. Used condoms in the park and bathrooms. Vulgar pictures of vulgar activities written with permanent marker on the signs at the park and in the bathrooms. I have seen the pictures. They are not good. I can assure you, as a parent and a Commissioner, that Waxhaw loves children. What we do not like is vandalism and disrespect. Parents need to monitor thier children, not Town Staff. Also, we have had meetings with volunteers who agreed to keep an eye on things. It worked great for a couple weeks, then it (again) became the responsibility of staff.

Also, our Maintenance Supervisor sat on the toilet to repair the valve where it had been kicked in and ended up with hydrochloric acid on his pants. Some one had poured acid on the seat. I do agree that it is the few bad apples spoiling the bunch, but we do not have the manpower or the resources available to babysit children.
Hydrochloric acid on the toilet seat at a children's park? Who does something like that?

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Luis Gonzalez said...

Old post, but still relevant as they have done it again. How many times have they closed the Sk8 Park? It seems like a knee jerk reaction to events that will ossur in the park regardless. The Sk8 Park just happens to have a gate that can be closed, so they close it in an effort to show some infantile control.