Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hope the holidays treated you well

I still haven't got back in the swing of things since Christmas. My Christmas lights are finally down

We left town as the snow fell the day after Christmas so we missed what must surely have been the first White Christmas (or day after Christmas) in Waxhaw in quite some time. Unfortunately, the snow added a couple extra hours to an already lengthy drive.

Thanks to the internet, I tried to see if anything moderately interesting was happening in Waxhaw during my absence, but based on the results of my searches, it appears the answer was no.

I will leave you with this interesting side note: did you know that the state of New York actually pays people at the New York Thruway (I-90 toll road) to hand you a ticket? I imagine this has something to do with unions because the whole idea of paying human beings to do nothing more than personally hand over tickets 24 hours a day is mind boggling to me. Pennsylvania has had machines do that for the last 20 years or so, give or take a decade. If this is a symptom of New York state government, I can't imagine they are doing all that well.

I must say it was the only thing besides the $2.40 I paid for a McDonald's sweet tea at the rest stop and $7 in tolls (one way) that blew my mind while in New York.

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