Sunday, January 16, 2011

A person close to the investigation

Fox Charlotte has a report with information from an anonymous "person close to the investigation." This could mean someone attached to the police or the DA's office. But it's vague enough to mean anyone who's talked to anyone close to the investigation, which means its vague enough to make this description utterly pointless.

That being said, this report includes a few more details:

* It claims Makayla was bitten more than 200 times.

* Her grandmother, who was injured in the attack, has supposedly been released from the hospital. A sliver of good news in an otherwise dreary case.

* The aforementioned anonymous person states that had Makayla's grandmother been doing a better job watching over Makayla, her death "could have been prevented."

From the Fox Charlotte article:
On Wednesday, the five-year-old was attacked and killed by a neighbor's pit bulls. A person close to the investigation who spoke to FOX Charlotte on the condition of anonymity says the little girl was bitten 200 times. They also say the attack could have been prevented, in part, if Makayla had been better supervised by her great grandmother, Nancy Presson.

"She should have been supervising Makayla. She should not have let her out unsupervised by herself and especially if she knew the pit bulls were next door.”
Per this Charlotte Observer article:
Her 67-year-old grandmother, Nancy Presson, told police she let Makayla outside to play in the snow and heard dogs barking. She went outside to find two dogs attacking the girl and flung herself over Makayla's body to try to protect her, according to a police report.
I'm not sure if there's universal agreement on whether parents should be actively monitoring their children playing in their own yard. I'd estimate it's 50/50 in my neighborhood where five-year old kids are closely monitored when they play, let alone in their own yard. So in my opinion, based on what I've read thus far, I have a slight problem with our "person close to the investigation" placing blame on the grandmother so quickly.

Here's the Fox Charlotte clip for those interested:

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