Friday, January 14, 2011

Clarifications on early reports

Five-year old Makayla was in her own yard when attacked by her neighbor's pit bulls. WSOC has the story here. This correction is not earth-shattering, but early reports were slightly confused on this topic, so I figured it was worth clarifying.

Additionally, if you watch the video contained at the aforementioned link (sorry, I can't figure out how to embed it on my page), there is another interesting clarification by the police. Here's my transcription of what WSOC's reporter said:
Jim Bradley (reporter): Now police here in Waxhaw say that a statement initially made yesterday -- that they had investigated these pit bulls before -- was incorrect; that this was the first time they'd gone to this address because of these dogs.
Earlier statements by the police had claimed they'd visited the house because of these dogs in December. While this doesn't lessen the tragedy or absolve the dogs' owner of responsibility, it does illustrate that there was apparently no pattern of aggressiveness, at least one not yet reported, that would have warranted a visit to Michael Gordon by the town police, who I imagine are acting animal control officers in the event this position is unfilled.

It's worth noting however that at least a couple neighbors have come forward about these dogs frequently getting loose so the dogs apparently have an established a pattern of misbehavior, but no word on if these reports ever reached the police.

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