Sunday, January 16, 2011

Union County Animal Control was called

Per this Union County Weekly article, the county's animal control was called regarding the two pit bulls involved, but not because of aggressiveness, but malnourishment. A tidbit:
Two months before two pit bulls killed a 5-year-old girl and seriously injured her grandmother in Waxhaw, a resident of the neighborhood called 911 and then Union County Animal Control to report that one of the pit bulls was malnourished, abused and should be taken from the owners.

An Animal Control official told Cindi McCoy however the agency could do nothing and, rather, warned McCoy she could be charged with a felony for keeping the female pit bull named Daisy on her front porch.

An emaciated Daisy – “she looked like a dead dog walking,” McCoy said – had crossed busy Rehobeth Street and come to McCoy’s front door. McCoy was horrified by Daisy’s condition and worried she would get hit by a car trying to go back to her home at 316 Rehobeth. So she locked Daisy on her front porch at 325 Rehobeth while she called 911 and Animal Control.
This whole article is worth reading, so check it out.

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