Friday, January 28, 2011

Board backtracks

Per an Enquirer-Journal article, it appears Waxhaw's board of commissioners has reversed course and will now be discussing filling Brian Haug's empty seat. Per Lacey Hampton:
Waxhaw’s board of commissioners voted to suspend the rules for filling former commissioner Brian Haug’s seat Tuesday.

Doing this reversed the previous meeting’s vote to not discuss filling the seat for six months.

Tuesday’s decision allowed for the opening up of discussions about filling the seat.

Commissioner Erin Kirkpatrick brought up the motion to suspend the rules to give the board a chance to further discuss the issue.
The about face is surely due to the criticism of their earlier decision to delay discussion of filling the seat for six months, mentioned here and here.

It seems a little strange to write this article and go so far as to touch upon the "about turn" by the board (or certain members of it) in the headline without touching upon the reasons for it.

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