Monday, January 24, 2011

Storefront's latest

The Storefront Theatre's latest showing -- "Stories My Grandmother Told Me" -- kicks off on Saturday. For more details on the showings, see John Anderson's article in the Charlotte Observer here or get it directly from the Storefront Theatre website. Hint: Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

A particularly interesting companion is the sponsored workshop that goes along with the performance. Entitled "The Gift of Memoir: Writing Personal and Family Stories," it costs $60 (includes a ticket to the play) and runs from 10.00am - 3.30pm on Saturday. Per the Storefront Theatre's website:
Award-winning writer and teacher, Maureen Ryan Griffin will conduct a writing workshop: The Gift of Memoir: Writing Personal and Family Stories for The Storefront Theatre. If you are interested in preserving your own tales of adventure, transition, love, loss, and triumph, as well as lovely everyday moments from times past or the present, come learn specific tools and techniques to retrieve and record them.
This sounds pretty interesting to me, but alas I will be participating in the Scouting for Food fundraiser occurring that day, so will be unable to attend. But it definitely looks worth checking out.

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