Thursday, December 16, 2010

Waxhaw Exchange on naughty list

I didn't receive my copy of the Waxhaw Exchange once again last week, but this is nothing new. Since my work schedule precludes me from picking up a copy until late in the week, I imagine I will be unable to score a copy of last week's issue.

I called my wife today in the hopes she'd try to stop by the library and pick up a copy, but the last time she did this, she turned up empty so it's not looking positive for me right now.

This wouldn't be an issue if the online edition was still available, but to have access to it, you must subscribe to the Enquirer-Journal now.

Thanks to loyal readers like Kelly, I've compiled the following list of places where the Waxhaw Exchange can be picked up by those who've been shafted. Prepare to be awed:
Main Street Grill
Waxhaw Library
If you know of any other places where the Exchange can be obtained, please let me know so I can update my list accordingly.

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