Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Challenger declares for mayoral race

Per the Union County Weekly, Waxhaw Arts Council president Lisa Thornton (who's also co-chair on my favorite alphabet committee, the Small Town Main Street Promotions Committee (STMSPC) is going to challenge Mayor Daune Gardner, assuming Mayor Gardner plans to run again.

Per the Brian Carlton article:
A month after the election, a second candidate has declared for the 2011 election. Waxhaw resident Lisa Thornton announced her candidacy to Union County Weekly Tuesday, Dec. 14, declaring for the town’s mayoral position. The seat, held by current mayor Mayor Daune Gardner, will be up for grabs next November.

“We need someone to bring the (town council) together,” Thornton said. “Our board is divided, it’s time for a change, a fresh outlook.”

That outlook is necessary, Thornton said, because of what she sees as the current board’s constant delaying on some projects and failure to address some of the town’s issues. While a mayor has no voting power, he or she should be able to keep the board on track, Thornton said.
Read the whole thing.

Lisa Thornton is very active in Waxhaw if her participation on the Waxhaw Arts Council and STMSPC didn't make that clear. She also was a vocal critic of the existence of synthetic marijuana in Waxhaw if my memory serves.

It will be very interesting which of these two candidates secures the ever valuable town blogger endorsement and to what lengths they'll go to achieve it. Hand-delivered freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?

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