Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Waxhaw Gazette of the year?

Like clockwork, John released a new issue of the Waxhaw Gazette on Friday. Per his publishing schedule, this appears like it'll be his last issue before the new year. So soak in all the Waxhaw 2010-related news before it's too late.

He's got a recent update on the change of ownership at the Main Street Grill. Apparently the new grand opening will be within a week, per his update. Visit his page to see all the details.

He's got a holiday slide show available here; give it some time to download as I think it was 10-15 MB. It includes pictures of light-up night and the parade.

For past ruminations on Christmas in Waxhaw, go here.

He also reminds me that my family missed out on our last chance to partake of the carriage rides in town. Even worse in my mind, we also missed Saturday's historical walkabout with Joyce Blythe and Melvin Faris.

Perhaps of note, I was delivering Christmas cookies to a neighbor today who just so happened to enjoy a carriage ride. They passed along talk of potentially making carriage rides available during nicer weather. No idea if this is seriously being considered by the powers that be, but I'm sure it'd be a hit in our little hamlet.

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