Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Commissioner Haug resigns

Union County Weekly has the story on the resignation of Waxhaw commissioner Brian Haug. A snippet of the article:
Tired of juggling work, a family and his duties as commissioner, Brian Haug resigned Tuesday, Dec. 14, from his job on the Waxhaw board. Haug, a merchandise planning manager for Family Dollar, husband and father of two, said things had changed dramatically from when he took the job in 2007.

“Four years ago when I considered running, I figured doing this job would be (easy) and then I realized I had underestimated it,” Haug said. “Since then, things have changed. Our meetings go longer, the amount of time and energy it takes to prepare have grown.”
No word yet on how the town plans to fill his spot. The article discusses possible courses of action:
North Carolina state statutes give towns multiple options in such an incident. In recent years, both Indian Trail and Marvin have dealt with resignations from the board. In each case, the town council chose to appoint someone, to serve until the next election. If Waxhaw chooses not to go that route, they could hold a special election, to install a replacement or simply leave the seat empty.

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