Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Burgers coming to Southsiders?

Southsiders posted the following Facebook update on June 1st:
As we grow some more, we find it neccesarry to close our kitchen one more day. As we do electric work install a fire suppression system and a range,fryer and char grill to enhance or menu. we look forward to this projects conclusion and our expanding menu!

We'll be open for regular business tomrrow.
Supposedly an expanded menu is forthcoming.

If my prognostication isn't letting me down, this would be the fifth non-fast food restaurant in Waxhaw to offer up a burger. They'd join such local luminaries as Main Street Grill, Maxwell's Tavern, The Stuffed Olive, and Stack's Kitchen. I've only tried the burgers at the first two.

I'm thinking it'll soon be necessary to post a poll so we can all vote on this important matter.


Donna Frasca ♋ said...

Hands down Maxwell's has the best burgers. They grind their own beef and they can also cook it the way you like it. Most, if not all, restaurants now only offer "cremated" burgers. At Maxwell's, you can actually get them medium rare if that's what you like.

klf said...

I would have to disagree. While I've only had a cheeseburger from Maxwell's once, I considered it rather uneventful, so much so that in all the times I returned I've yet to order another. Perhaps I need to give it another chance.

I am a huge fan of the Main Street Grill's cheeseburger though. I'll have to do a poll one of these days if we want to solve this debate. ;-)

Lisa said...

I have had the burger at Maxwell's since it was the only decent burger available in town--UNTIL Southsiders produced their fab burger. First off, it's way juicer and more flavorful. You can have a multitude of toppings of your choice, such as avocado, a variety of cheeses, grilled onion, bacon, etc. The french fries are deliciously double-fried to a deep golden hue and beautifully yummy without a hint of grease. It was so good I snuck out of the house the next day to have another!

Their new appetizers are equally as wonderful. I tried a well filled quesadilla this week that is the best in Waxhaw and anywhere in South Charlotte. The bruscetta is fresh with a delightful toasted bread. My hubby loves the jalapeno poppers that are fantastic with the chipolte dipping sauce.

I can't wait for the entrees to start as it gives Waxonians another dining option--which we've long waited for. Hallelujah!

It certainly doesn't hurt that owners Mark and Patty are deliriously lovely hosts that make everyone feel welcome and part of the Southsiders family even if you've been there only once. The lively conversation and family-friendly environment make for a great experience whether you are eating or just having stopping by for a pint of brew.

Speaking of beer, do try the Laughing Skull on tap (from Atlanta), as it's a frosty new delight. I love it and have nearly abandoned my usual Irish favorites of Harp and Smithwick's (which they also have available).

Hands down, in my opinion, the burger wars are on in Waxhaw and Southsiders has it won!

klf said...

That's a pretty positive review, Lisa. Have you tried Main Street Grill burgers? Where do they exist in your hierarchy of Waxhaw burgers?

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Yo KLF, sounds like you are skeptical of my review!? As a former NYC'er who has been deliriously happy living in Waxhaw/Marvin a good number of years now (and am doing what I can for the native population with several children that are Charlotte natives), I can tell you that I've been lucky enough to have imbibed in some fantastic culinary meals in my native Manhattan (thank you, corporate expense account!). So, a good burger or a lovely, fresh meal is not a foreign object to me.

Waxhaw has come a long way since we moved here years ago in terms of bringing better food options to its residents. And that's a very good thing for all of us, and something that we need to continue to support.

I have tried Main Street Grill a few times, but have not been overly impressed personally. It's fine. Their hours just aren't convenient if a dinner burger hankering strikes you either.

Last night my hubby and I went to Southsiders for their latest entree additions to the menu which were announced on their Facebook page. Turns out my husband was the first one to try their new 14oz Delmonico Steak. Ironically, he was also the first one to have the burger when it came out as well (you would think he'd have his picture on the wall by now or something!).

I had been having dreams about the burger since the better part of last week, so I just had to indulge in it again. However, I had some pretty significant plate envy when I was swatted away after trying hubby's yummy veggie side sporting red peppers, squash, red onions and zucchini in a light butter sauce. He also got a baked potato and a lovely side salad as well. Not a bad deal! I'm going to try the 10 oz strip steak next time, as I favor beef that has a bit less marbling than a Delmonico.

Since the rain was coming down in bucketloads last night, I decided to stick around and try the new key lime pie, which was super creamy.

After I left yesterday, a friend tried the new Chicken Marsala plate and reported back to me this morning that they had licked the plate clean. So, I'll have to give that a whirl as well. Looks like Chicken Francese is another option.

It's great to see Southsiders growing beyond their already solid sandwich base. And it's also refreshing to see them not just serving pub food, which is an easy trap for a tavern to fall into. I truly hope Waxhaw (and those beyond) embrace what these local restaurants are trying to do, so that we may continue to benefit from having them around and getting a good meal!

KLF, if you'd like to chat more about Waxhaw food, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email.

klf said...


Not necessarily skeptical, but just pointing out the obvious. It would be difficult to write a more positive review of Southsiders if you wanted to.

I hope to get in there to try a burger one of these days and will surely post when I get that chance. Of course, my reviews are as simple as they get - it tasted real good.

I do agree Main Street Grill's hours are not conducive to the dinner crowd, but that looks to be changing soon -- at least on Friday nights.

Thanks for commenting; I do appreciate it. That's what this blog needs, more comments. ;-)

MSG said...

For the curious, Main Street Grill will be opening July 29th, Friday, for full dinner service and every Friday night from then on. We will be offering our full menu, minus breakfast items, and offering a "plate" style special. First Fridays we will still have a band and will be lookinig into more venues for the other Friday nights. So come on by and enjoy some of those burgers you are talking about.

Matt said...

For the record, I'm Lisa's husband. I have not yet tried the burger at MSG, but I'd like to say that I'm happy that our options are growing for getting a bite to eat without having to leave town. It's always good to have choices. The burgers and fries at Southsiders are really great (I love the grilled onion/avocado/chipotle mayo combo option) and the steak I had was also very good. Since moving to the area 7 years ago we always try to support local businesses as often as we can, and it's getting easier as the offerings grow.