Thursday, June 23, 2011

UCW on Scott Farb's termination

Brian Carlton of the Union County Weekly has an informative article on Scott Farb's termination in this week's issue. For what it's worth, apparently the Enquirer-Journal article had an article in the Tuesday edition, but it's not online for some reason.

A few snippets, but for those interested in Scott's firing, the whole article is a must-read:
Three weeks after firing museum director Scott Farb, the Andrew Jackson Historical Foundation board faces questions, both about what triggered the termination and the way funds are used. The board fired Farb during their June 2 meeting, after he informed them via email that he had filed a complaint with the North Carolina Secretary of State’s office, in regards to the board’s methods of handling funds.


Even before the complaint was filed, there appears to have been a contentious relationship between the board and their museum director. In a May 16 email, Farb wrote to board members, asking what their fundraising plans were for the rest of the year, as he was working on a projected budget. If there wasn’t a long term plan in place to fund the museum, Farb wrote, he wasn’t sure he could afford to stay.

Former Waxhaw Elementary principal Tommie Wall, the foundation’s vice president, responded to everyone on the board list, including Farb, in an email that appeared to be meant for President Sandra Glen only.

“Sandra, let’s don’t plan any fundraisers, so he can exit,” Wall wrote.


Farb’s complaint is one of four that have been filed with the state since March concerning the board. The Secretary of State’s nonprofits division granted the foundation its charter and monitors their tax exempt status. Division spokeswoman Liz Proctor said she could only speak to the first two of the four complaints, as the last two haven’t been completely filed yet.

The first complaint was anonymous, Proctor said, filed in March with no supporting documentation.

“(The division) looked into it, but they didn’t find anything,” Proctor said. “With no supporting evidence, that complaint was dismissed.”

The second was filed earlier this month by Farb and Proctor confirmed there were supporting documents and evidence to go along with it.

“I cannot comment on things I don’t know about,” Cook said. “The only complaint I am aware of is the one that Scott notified the Board that he had filed and he didn’t give us any specifics.”
Go read the whole thing so Brian doesn't get mad at me quoting so much.

And who knows, maybe the Enquirer-Journal's article may appear in this Sunday's Waxhaw Exchange. Of course, whether your copy gets delivered is another question entirely...

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