Tuesday, June 28, 2011

May's crime report

I've been negligent with my monthly crime report, but I guess this is becoming something of a tradition at this point.

So here's May's crime report in all its criminal glory.

Waxhaw Crime Report May 2011

What are the odds I get June's done in a reasonable amount of time? Not good, I suppose.

In other crime news:

* Per an Enquirer-Journal article, we learned a suspect had been arrested for break-ins at Couick's Marine and New 2 You. A snippet:
Police arrested McClure on the probation warrant in the pre-dawn hours of June 22 after seeing him riding a bike on Providence Road near Blythe Mill, according to the press release.

“He had a purse on him with change in it and the price tag hanging on it,” Detective Sgt. Bobby Haulk of the Waxhaw Police Department, said.

McClure claimed the purse belonged to his girlfriend but it was later found to have been stolen from the New 2 You consignment store, Haulk said.

At the time of his arrest, McClure gave a fictitious name and attempted to flee on foot before being caught a short time later.

Other property from New 2 You and Couick’s Marine was later found and returned, according to the release.
You'd think he'd at least remove the price tag from the purse.

The story neglects to say when the actual break-in occurred. According to Crime Reports, it's tagged the break-ins at 12pm and 6pm on June 22nd respectively. Obviously if Michael McClure was arrested in the pre-dawn hours on June 22nd, those Crime Report dates are inaccurate.

I'd send an email out to those businesses to clarify the actual date and time of the break-ins, but this seemed like a lot of work to ascertain how long he was biking around with a purse with a price tag on it. I'm going to let this one drop.

* Per another Enquirer-Journal article, the Waxhaw Women's Club, whose windows were on the receiving end of some rocks as noted last week, has been vandalized 4 times in the last year. The snippet:
The club has had four acts of vandalism in the last year that have caused it to pay a lot of money to repair and preserve the historic Belk Building, where the club is located, Carol Holtzclaw said in an e-mail.
I definitely don't recall of three previous acts of vandalism in the last year. Does anyone remember the previous instances of vandalism? I imagine they weren't heavily publicized.

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