Sunday, June 26, 2011

UPDATE: Waxhaw Marathon post-mortem

On Saturday June 18th, Tim Junkins of Get Fit Carolinas won what I imagine is Waxhaw's first marathon. It matters little he was the only participant to run the entire 26+ miles. I've mentioned it in earlier posts here and here.

Well, being a 21st century blog, it's only fitting that I actually bling this site up with some images of the historic event. I just got my hands on pictures my wife took.

Here's the Waxhaw 1-Man Marathon shirt:

Waxhaw Marathon Shirt

And here's Tim being escorted home by some members of his Blue Ridge Relay racing team.

Waxhaw 1-Man Marathon nearly over

And the bling picture of Tim's bling:

Waxhaw Marathon Trophy

I find it utterly amazing that Tim has yet to update his blog on this marathon yet. If he's anything like me, he's likely still recovering from running 26 miles.

UPDATE 6/27: Tim's firsthand account of Waxhaw's 1-Man Marathon is now online. Check it out.

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