Monday, June 27, 2011

Groupon-like deal for Riverbanks Zoo

This isn't Groupon, but something similar.

If you're looking to take the family, friends, or even hard-working under-appreciated local bloggers to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia by August 31st, this seems to be a pretty good deal.

4-Pack of Tickets, Plus Gift Shop Discount, at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden for $23.50 ($47 value)

The only thing holding me back from getting this for the family is the deadline of 8/31/11. It's a pretty busy summer, so I'm not sure we'd get there by that time. I will have to pow-wow with the missus to see what she thinks.

Oh, and one more thing -- you've only got 31 hours left to decide. Bwahahahahah!

UPDATE 9:42 PM: After a lengthy conference between my better half and I (in which I may or may not have laid out a thorough list of pros and cons), we decided to get this one. Nice family day trip.

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