Thursday, June 9, 2011

No more elementary school Spanish

We heard from our oldest yesterday that there will be no more Spanish classes at Waxhaw Elementary. The Enquirer-Journal has the story:
The elementary Spanish program will be absent from Union County Public Schools curriculum next year. The school board voted on the move Tuesday.

UCPS has 27 elementary Spanish teachers. Some rotate between schools, offering weekly lessons on language and culture.
This sort of stinks, but given the budget problems, something needs to be cut. Back in my day, we didn't learn different languages in elementary school, so I think the kids can overcome this.


Donna Frasca ♋ said...

Personally, I think the students should focus on English. When that's perfected, then onward to the language of their choice!

Herewegrowagain said...

I agree and disagree on this. I understand there are budget cuts and certain subject areas have a priority over others, but its a shame that students will lose out on a opportunity to learn a second language and cultures. Learning a second language is best learned in the younger years. Children at this age retain it so much easier. So i think ultimately its another loss in our education system for students and teachers who will now lose (again) jobs.