Monday, June 20, 2011

Scott Farb out at the Museum of the Waxhaws

I'd been meaning to post more on happenings at the Museum of the Waxhaws and eventually planned to email director Scott Farb to include me on any kind of press release emails that went out so I was aware of what was taking place.

While camping this weekend, I got an email about the museum. Based on the subject, I figured it was simply meant to inform me about some upcoming event and I thought now would as good a time as any to get started on keeping tabs on their happenings.

Unfortunately, I was shocked to be informed that Scott Farb had been let go by the museum's board of directors. I don't have a specific date when it occurred, but the earliest reference on the museum's Facebook page to his being let go was June 8th. Perhaps more notable is the fact that the museum's last update on its own page was June 3rd.

I haven't been able to find one mention of this fact in any of the local media outlets, such as Union County Weekly, Waxhaw Exchange, or the Waxhaw Gazette. Perhaps they're working on the story as we speak or perhaps this is one my rare exclusives (thanks purely to readers who send me tips, of course)

That all being said, this clearly is a net loss for the museum. He has graciously hosted local Cub Scouts for camping events and den nights. I'd only spoken briefly with Scott on a couple occasions and I'm sure he did not realize he was speaking to Waxhaw's most secretive blogger. On both occasions, he was dressed in full historic garb and I honestly can say I've never seen him in regular clothes.

His enthusiasm for history seems readily apparent based solely on the Union County Weekly columns and constant Facebook updates for the museum, which went quiet in early June as I mentioned earlier above. I'm sure others could detail his many other contributions to the museum or history in general better than I; feel free to leave a comment if you'd like.

I've got a note out to Scott to see if he can provide any more details. In the meantime, is there anyone out there with a list of those on the board of directors for the museum? They seem to be the ones responsible for the decision, so queries for clarification from those seeking answers should be directed their way. If anyone happens to get a response, please pass it along to me if you'd like to share.

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