Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Land of the Waxhaws

Jim Black continues to churn out more videos than I can watch with his online Land of the Waxhaws video show. While the earlier iteration of the show seemed more like the Daune Gardner show given her frequent appearances, it appears Town Manager Mike McLaurin has scratched and clawed up to co-headliner status as he has appeared in a number of recent clips. No word on how the mayor is taking this.

Seriously speaking, there's probably some decent info in these clips for those interested, so check them out if you've got some time to burn.

One suggestion for Jim since election season is coming up: why not give all the various candidates a forum to discuss their thoughts on Waxhaw and what they hope to accomplish if they get elected? Currently only Daune has been able to expound on a given topic and it'd be nice to hear what the other candidates have to say as well. Perhaps he has already invited the other candidates to do so, but if no, I feel this is well worth looking into as it will be a benefit to Waxhaw voters.

On a sidenote, I joined the Land of the Waxhaws Facebook group but had to remove myself from it due to the sheer clutter. I signed up to learn when new video clips were available, but the group was in my opinion overrun by inspirational quotes, citizens of the world, and things having little if anything to do with Waxhaw. Not for me and my already cluttered Facebook page.

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