Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Waxhaw GIS

Waxhaw introduced a web-based GIS (geographic information system) a few months back. The blurb from the town's web site:
The Town of Waxhaw is proud to announce that we now offer web-based GIS mapping through ConnectGIS. You can access this information at http://waxhaw.connectgis.com. This service allows you to look up property information, topography, zoning, future land use designations and view aerial photography. You can also print maps from the website that contain only the information you find useful. In the coming months, staff will be adding information such as floodplain data, subdivision data, sidewalks and other planned pedestrian infrastructure. If you have any questions about the website or if you have any ideas about the information that you would find helpful, please contact Katie Ross at kross@waxhaw.com or 704-843-2195 Ext. 238.
This sounds like a useful idea for the limited handful of people who need or would like access to this type of information. However, those with too many people on their enemies list may not like the fact that a homeowner's address can be easily obtained by those up to no good.

Although it's probably not worth worrying about since unfortunately that information is likely online on numerous other places.

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