Monday, September 26, 2011

Blogger meets mayor

I'm not sure this qualifies as blog-worthy news, but it was a pleasure to finally meet the mayor this weekend. She showed up at the Cub Scouts first campout this weekend and the pack leader was giving her a tour of the arena where we set up tents.

Due to baseball games, I was a late arrival, working with my youngest to get the tent up before a shower came through.

I introduced myself and had to tell her a couple times that I did "the blog," but she soon realized who I was. It was an altogether nice but brief experience except for the fact that neither the pack leader nor the mayor offered to help us set up the tent up.

I'd like to tell you my youngest said "Daddy, why is the mayor and pack leader not offering to help us before the rains come?" with a forlorn look in his eyes as they turned their backs on us to walk away, but to be honest he didn't say that.

I can't think of a better way to earn my vote than to get down in the mud and help me get my tent set up. Failing that there's always warm freshly baked cookies.

Regardless, my 5-year old and I were able to help another first-time camper get their tent set up before finishing our tent just as the rain arrived.

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