Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hicks in stix support Rick on Stacks?

I mentioned the help the WAA and Rick Giarla could use for the BBQ cook-off at Autumn Treasures. I also briefly touch upon Rick's latest feat for the community, but wanted to expand upon it with further details. From the WAA's Facebook page:

Beginning Friday, October 14th, South Providence will be hosting its largest fundraiser to date, thanks to the innovation and dedication of Waxhaw’s own, Rick Giarla. Rick became aware of the needs of South Providence through a conversation with Gale Smith, a custodian at the school. Gale has known Rick and his enthusiastic community involvement through Waxhaw Athletic Association, of which Rick is president. Gale approached Rick at the beginning of the school year in hopes he could somehow help the school acquire some technological needs such as Smartboards. Being a supporter of the community and students alike, Rick was up for the challenge.

Rick has served as PTO president of Waxhaw elementary as well as Parkwood middle, but he saw this as an opportunity to help a school that serves students across Union County. “I can make a difference and help South Providence get the same technology that the more affluent schools receive.” Rick met with Barry Ross, principal of South Providence for coffee in Waxhaw where they discussed the needs of the school and how Rick could help. The idea of “Sitting for South Providence” was born!

Rick fashioned the concept of people around the county, sponsoring him with donations as he spent the weekend atop a local Waxhaw establishment. He spoke with the owner of Stacks restaurant on Providence Road and the two agreed that the restaurant was the perfect location. George, the owner, even offered to feed Rick for the duration of his stay on the roof. The only task left to do was to get the word out and attract supporters for the cause. “The key to success here is getting all Union County schools behind it” Rick stated. He has a goal in mind of raising $30,000 for South Providence and is hoping that the community backs up his effort.

Rick will start his crusade at 8am Friday, October 14th and hopes to make it through the weekend, coming down from the roof at 8am Monday, October 17th. Staff members from South Providence will be rotating in shifts in from of Stacks throughout the weekend, collecting donations and showing their support for the cause. We are hoping for a great turn out and would love to see you there, supporting some of the best students from around the county. “These kids are just like any other kid, they deserve the same benefits.”
As if you needed another reason to support Rick efforts for the South Providence school or the for the WAA at the BBQ cook-off, I'll provide you with a brief personal take, a story I rarely share. My oldest had just signed up for tee ball in the WAA a few years ago, attending a handful of practices if memory serves. Complaining of headaches, he had an MRI that discovered a golf-ball sized tumor in his brain. He was immediately admitted to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery to remove the tumor.

Post surgery, a stranger showed up with balloons (a baseball balloon was tucked in there as well) and it was Rick. Word must've filtered from our coach to Rick and he'd driven all the way from Waxhaw to Levine's Children's Hospital to deliver some balloons and wish our son, who he had never met, well. It made quite the impression on my wife and I.

I strongly suspect there's similar stories about Rick not yet told and my suspicion is that Rick likes it that way. I also suspect he wouldn't mind some support in his local fundraisers, such as this one or the BBQ cook-off supporting the WAA.

If Rick is supporting a cause, it's likely a cause worth supporting.

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