Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yet another WAA volunteer update

Rick Giarla sent out another update to WAA members. Here it is:
I promise, this will be my last plea for help. We were just made aware (today) that because of the large turnout that the Town of Waxhaw is expecting for this weekends Autumn Treasures event, they are asking for 24 more volunteers to serve as "block captains" on Saturday to answer questions and give directions to the various venus offered to the public. If you've had a change of plans for the weekend and find that you can give a few hours of your time on Saturday, please go to and choose one of the available time slots. WAA stands to gain $7,000.00-$8,000.00 from our willingness to volunteer this weekend and I personally will be forever grateful. Thanks so much!
Nice of the town to drop this on the WAA at hte eleventh hour.

Adding the 24 new volunteers needed to the slots still unfilled, the WAA now needs 58 volunteers. So if you've got the wherewithal to volunteer, there's basically one more day left to give Rick and the WAA a hand. Please sign up if you can.

This will probably be my last plea for help as well.

In other Rick-related charity news, you can contribute to his South Providence school fundraiser here. Not many have contributed thus far and $30000 is quite a goal nowadays. Hopefully some local businesses can contribute to help him get closer to his goal.

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